About the creative force behind Woodcrafts By Obanion

OBANION...born and raised in Camden, New Jersey; was always interested (as a young boy) in making things with his little hands. At the innocent age of 10, he stumbled across an old, rusty handsaw in the basement of his Mother's home. He began cutting scraps of wood he found around the neighborhood - building boxes and bookcases. His Mom (Miss Annie) realized how much he enjoyed working with wood...and although he was having a tough time in school - she wanted to encourage him with something he was very good at. So at the age of 11, she rewarded him with his very own JIGSAW. Many family members warned her that he might hurt himself by possibly cutting off a finger or two. But his Mother replied: "Booby (which is his childhood nickname) will cut himself once...He'll come running to me crying...I'll take care of it...and he will know not to do that again!" And truth be told - his Mother was right about her son.

While he was in 2nd grade, a substitute teacher read a story to him about Harriett Tubman and the Underground Railroad. That story ignited a "spark" in his interest in wanting to learn more about Black History. In the years leading up to the 10th grade, there were no classes on the subject. But at that point, Obanion was able to select a class in "African-American Studies" - which helped to raise and develop his African consciousness. During his college years of studying African-American History at Rutgers University in Camden, New Jersey, Obanion decided to organize a program celebrating "Kwanzaa." This annual event turned out to be such a success that he continued with it long after he graduated...which lasted a total of 13 consecutive years!

Obanion has always been an ACTIVIST and a REVOLUTIONARY...who has fought for social change, economic independence, cultural identity and self-determination for us as a people. One of the most profound challenges in Obanion's journey has been his fight with "heart disease" - which he inherited through family genes. For the record, he never smoked, drank, got high, used drugs of any kind or ate pork. On August 5, 2013, he survived a life-saving blessing in the form of a heart transplant... A HEART TRANSPLANT!!! This new lease on life enables him to continue the African-centered, cultural artwork that is "WOODCRAFTS BY OBANION today.


In addition to the collections of fine woodcrafts Obanion the team is open to personalizing our crafts for special occassions.


A MESSAGE FROM OBANION: "I would like to give thanks to all of my customers (whom are part of my extended family) for your love and support though out the years - and for your continued thirst to connect with Mother AFRICA...our HOME.Peace, Love and Black Power..."